• "I met Steve in 2013 when I was trying to launch my startup and I didn’t know the first thing about it. He has been our general counsel since then providing strategic support in many dimensions that all startups require, from incorporation, contracts to employment. He is cordial, down-to-earth and will go the extra mile.

    We got acquired by another company in Dec 2018. Having worked with him through start-up and exit, I recommend Steve to any fresh or veteran startup operators in Western PA and beyond."

                   -Enes H., Start-up Founder

  • "Steve designed and implemented a special purpose investment vehicle to finance a successful legal action for a company in bankruptcy against its largest customer. The multinational customer breached a long-term contract, forcing the company into bankruptcy.  Steve guided the company and its investors through a complex process by keeping the legal claim outside the bankruptcy estate, with a highly successful result:  unsecured creditors were paid over 90 percent of their claims, while the investors in the special purpose fund enjoyed a substantial IRR taking into account not only their investment in the fund but also their original investments lost in the bankruptcy." 

                 - Charles S., Investment Banker and Investor

  • "My partners and I were engaged as the sellers in an M&A transaction with a very large multinational company. We were naturally concerned about the quality of our representation and our ability to negotiate with so large an entity. We selected Steve Cherin as our attorney and proceeded to negotiate a profitable and risk appropriate agreement. We were selling them a $20 million local operation. Steve recommended a merger rather than a sale. He then proceeded to convince us and then he was able to convince the multinational that it was the most sensible way to proceed from a risk and tax position for both entities.  

    I have come to think of Steve Cherin as not just an attorney but as a talented and creative business consultant as well. Steve now represents us in all of our M&A activity."

                   -Daniel T, Investor and former CEO

  • "Most companies start and succeed because of a niche or specialized skill.  Then one day another company recognizes your company’s value and suggests a merger or buyout; that happened to us at our software company.

    What happened next was very interesting; we had meetings and received a letter of intent.  It read very well and seemed to meet all our expectations, but wait it was sent by a lawyer for the multi-national buyer.  Thankfully this was when Steve Cherin entered the scene and quickly made us aware of what the letter represented.  From that moment, we realized that Steve was on our side, had a great deal of working knowledge and the skills to match our needs.  We thank Steve for his guidance and reassurance and his help for us to realize our dream of successfully selling our company."

                   -Bill B., Co-founder and CEO

  • "Steve has done an outstanding job for our company. He provided excellent counsel. He’s smart, dedicated, flexible and creative. He formed our company, oversaw the financing and growth, served as a trusted advisor and has now helped up sell the Company in a successful transition of our business. I would highly recommend Cherin Law Offices to any new or ongoing business looking for a savvy legal partner."

              -Paul A., CEO of a Pittsburgh based company

  • "Working with Steve has helped me to establish a good foundation for my business. He has also gone beyond his duties as my corporate lawyer by helping me tap into valuable business networks."

                 - Sanna G., CEO of CMU spinout

  • "We worked with Steve on an acquisition. Steve helped us get the deal done and approved by our bankers in a very short time, with very reasonable legal costs. What’s best - he handled a lot of legal issues himself without consuming my time. Our business is growing at over 30% a year and my time is a really valuable resource. We plan to use Steve for our future M&A work"

                 - Kevin H., CEO on-line business

  • "Steve helped me with a series of corporate transactions involving asset sales, merger documents and dissolution procedures. These transactions all took place over a compressed time period, requiring diligent documentation, communication and follow-up with many disparate parties.  Steve quarterbacked the entire process, doing an amazing job. Steve was communicative, prompt and accurate in his work and I look forward to working on additional projects in the future"

                 - Michael B., President of a family private equity firm

  • "Steve was both a tremendous business advisor and legal expert as we worked through a complex deal.  He took the time to be sure we understood each of the decisions we were making and was extremely thorough. It went through smoothly without any complications"

                 - Larry G., President of service business

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